Translation is a commitment. Your publications inspire me when they convey a new message to their readership and share a new perspective on the world.
My daily work is to make your voice heard on the issues of conflict prevention, climate change, social injustice and sustainable development. I translate your English texts into French because I am convinced the world moves in step with people like you. When translating your article, book, or analysis, I faithfully reproduce your intentions and convictions as you fight, question, reveal and denounce.

By translating, you share your thoughts on our changing world beyond the confines of your own language.

When I translate for European and North American peacekeeping think tanks, I put my expertise at your service and I participate in your dissemination efforts. I build bridges between political and cultural realities. When I invite others to read my translations about the effects of climate change on peace in sub-Saharan Africa, I help you and your research center, university, and publishing house raise awareness. When I engage with opinion leaders in the field of the environment and cities in transition, I translate the world of tomorrow—an innovative world that takes risks to face the climate crisis.

My label is a true reflection of your excellence.

My clients trust me because:
1- I invest time to ensure your message is accurately portrayed in the translated text. Not just the words. The message. It will not sound like a translation.

– I contact you with a personalized brief to ensure I have fully understood your publication’s issues and objectives
– I create an intercultural adaptation and revise the source text in close collaboration with my partners, who specialize in social sciences, environmental sciences and international relations
– I do a final proofread of your publication to ensure your message/image/brand is reflected accurately

2- Some of the ways I regularly update my linguistic and disciplinary skills include:
– Continually evolving terminology glossaries
– ATESS member, Association of translators and publishers in social sciences (
– OMT member, Mexican Translators Association (
– Gender in Action member, French network specializing in gender issues and international development (
– Regular reading:;;
– Podcast on a changing world: